Medication-Assisted Treatment for fentanyl Addiction

Often compared to morphine because of its effectiveness at alleviating pain and discomfort, fentanyl is a potent opioid painkiller that can only be prescribed by a doctor. Those who are given this kind of pain reliever have typically undergone some kind of surgery or other medical procedure and take fentanyl in order to make their recovery more comfortable. In fact, because this medication is so strong, it’s rare that a physician would give a patient fentanyl to take home and use since it can be habit-forming and be the source of an addiction that can be exceptionally difficult to overcome.

If you’re someone who is grappling with an addiction to fentanyl, then you may sometimes feel as though nothing will work for you and help you successfully defeat your addiction. Perhaps you’ve accessed services before but you experienced less than favorable results. Perhaps you’ve never gotten treatment, are at a crossroads, and want to start some sort of program now. Whatever your own personal journey, it’s crucial for you to know that you can always access services and that there are specially designed treatment options that can help you break free from the grips of a fentanyl abuse problem.

Medication-assisted treatment, for example, is a form of care that utilizes certain prescription medications that are closely monitored and are effective at helping individuals like you overcome a fentanyl abuse problem once and for all. When taken, the medications offered within this sort of treatment block the effects of opioids, alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and diminish cravings for continued fentanyl use. Additionally, many medication-assisted treatment programs provide therapy sessions so that patients can develop a deeper understand of what led them to abuse substances, can establish recovery goals for the present and future, and so that they can learn the skills needed to live a fentanyl-free lifestyle.

Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center is a trusted community resources that’s available to you once you’re ready to leave the abuse of fentanyl in the past. Here, you can acquire a prescription for a medication that can alleviate your fentanyl withdrawal, and you can participate in therapeutic services that can assist you in forming a life that no longer revolves around the abuse of opioids. Our dedicated staff always welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals like you who are committed to their health and wellness, and they can’t wait to help you reach your recovery goals.

Types of Treatment Offered at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center

Men and women ages 18 and older who are dependent on fentanyl or other opioids can come to Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center, complete our admissions assessment, and embark on a truly transformative recovery journey. We proudly offer numerous medications and various therapeutic supports so that every patient can achieve each one of their recovery initiatives. So, if you choose to come to our center for care, you can trust that you’ll have every advantage you need to win the war against your fentanyl addiction.

Part of what makes treatment at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center so special has to do with our personalized treatment planning process that takes into account all of your needs. This process allows you to enjoy a fully customized experience that can feature the following options for care:

Methadone: Chemically designed to combat withdrawal symptoms and alleviate cravings for fentanyl, methadone has been utilized within medication-assisted treatment programs for decades. This medication is one that is often given in liquid form on a daily basis, is closely monitored by our medical staff, and can help you make great strides in your recovery.

Subutex (Buprenorphine): Like Suboxone, Subutex is made from buprenorphine, though it doesn’t include naloxone. Many patients who are prescribed Subutex often transition to taking Suboxone once they are stable enough to do so, though Subutex is a perfectly safe medication to take for the duration of your care.

It’s important to note that when you come for services at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center, you’ll only be given one medication at a time, our staff will determine your dosage, and you’ll be advised to discuss any and all medication concerns with our treatment professionals prior to changing your medication regimen at any point during your care.

Individual therapy: As a patient of Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center, you’ll be assigned a counselor who will work with you during individual therapy sessions. During this sessions, you are invited to speak on whatever topics you want, share your experiences, and talk about how you’re doing in treatment. These sessions can also serve as a time in which you can set goals for your present and future.

Group therapy: We always want to connect our patients with others who are also working towards achieving recovery. Because of this, we at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center provide various group therapy sessions that allow the men and women we treat to feel like members of a dynamic recovery community. Each counselor-led session is conducted with respect for each group member, and all patients are encouraged to participate as much as possible so that they can reap the many benefits of partaking in a group experience.

If during your time at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center you feel as though you need more or fewer therapy sessions, we encourage you to speak with your treatment team. When you choose our center to defeat your addiction to fentanyl, know that your plan of care can certainly change as your needs change, so we welcome your feedback and input regarding the inclusion and frequency of all sessions that are incorporated into your care.

Why Consider Treatment at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center

Men and women who remain trapped in the vicious cycle of fentanyl abuse continue to be vulnerable to a variety of negative effects that can cost them their lives. If you’re one of these people and if you’re trying to decide whether or not professional treatment is for you, it’s important to know that relapse, overdose, polysubstance abuse, and a variety of other consequences are among those that you can avoid when you get treatment. When services like those offered within a medication-assisted treatment program are received, you can avoid relapse and overdose, physically heal from the effects of abusing fentanyl, and achieve the wherewithal needed to do the following:

  • Mend relationships with friends and family members
  • Learn about job opportunities that you can apply for to increase your earning potential
  • Acquire a job (if you don’t have one or have been unable to maintain steady employment) so that you can take care of yourself.
  • Make sound decisions that can better your health for the long-term
  • Learn, practice, and master the skills needed to avoid fentanyl and other substance abuse in the future

At Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center, we’re always excited to learn about our patients’ recovery success and about how our services have helped them overcome powerful addictions to opioids like fentanyl. Since the day we first opened, we’ve been deeply committed to guiding individuals like yourself towards to the recovered future that is deserving of all people, and we hope that you’ll choose Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center as the place to change your own life for the better.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable treatment team looks forward to working with you, devising a plan of care that meets your needs, and helping you evolve into the happy and healthy person you are striving to be.