Methadone Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if Methadone is right for me?

Methadone is a safe option for treating opioid dependency, and is a prescription medication that is most commonly used within medication-assisted treatment programs. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), methadone is approved for use after an extensive amount of research was able to prove its effectiveness in helping individuals recover from addictions to substances such as heroin and prescription pain pills. When included in an individual’s treatment plan, methadone is able to stop the onset of painful withdrawal symptoms and nagging cravings for continued use once the abuse of opioids has ceased.

If you or a loved one wants to obtain medication-assisted treatment that includes medication that helps aid in recovery from opioid addiction, you must speak with a provider to ensure that this medication is appropriate for you. There are a number of medications that can be used in the treatment of opioid addiction, so it is imperative to work with your provider to look at the costs versus benefits before starting on a methadone maintenance plan.

Can I become addicted to Methadone?

As a controlled substance, methadone does hold potential for abuse and dependency to develop if it is abused. However, when used within a medication-assisted treatment program, skilled professionals monitor your use so that issues such as these do not occur. In addition, medication-assisted treatment programs do not supply doses of methadone for more than one day at a time, as you will be required to come to the center every day to obtain your dose. In administering medication in this way, the risk of abusing it decreases as well.

Will Methadone show up on a drug screening?

No. If you are made to complete a drug screening while on methadone, your use will not be detected, as a specific type of drug panel must be used to do so. However, if you are taking other substances, your use of those substances will be detected on a drug test.

How long will I need to be on Methadone?

The length of time that you remain on methadone will be based on your treatment needs. Some people stay on methadone for long periods of time, while others only use it for a little while.

If you or someone you love is thinking about medication-assisted treatment that includes the use of methadone, speak with you provider prior to doing so.

Does Methadone interact with other drugs or substances?

If you are consuming any other prescription medications for mental health or physiological purposes, let your provider know before you start taking methadone. Since this medication can cause unfavorable drug interactions, speaking with your provider can help ensure that both methadone and the other medications you are taking are safe to consume together. In addition, if you are consuming methadone, do not use other opioids, illicit drugs, or drink alcohol.

What if I no longer wish to take Methadone?

Some people stay on methadone for years, however, that does not mean that you have to. Since you can experience withdrawal symptoms from stopping methadone too quickly, it is important that you work with your treatment provider at a medication-assisted treatment program to determine the appropriate dosages that you will need to slowly taper off of methadone. After you are done tapering off of methadone, you can either stay medication-free or discuss taking another medication with your provider.

What is the cost for Methadone treatment?

Since the treatment we provide at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center is personalized to meet the treatment needs of each of our patients, the cost of care can vary on a number of things, such as the services rendered to you, your method of payment, the medication received, and so on.

If you or someone you love wants to learn more about the cost of care at Brattleboro Comprehensive Treatment Center, please contact us right now to get more information.